Camino Real Hotels clinches 'Green Key' certification, setting a benchmark for sustainable practices

This eminent eco-label, is a testament to the steadfast dedication to environmental responsibility.

Marking a significant milestone in the hospitality industry's commitment to sustainability, Camino Real Hoteles has been distinguished with the 'Green Key' certification in 2023 for its 32 properties, which include Camino Real, Real Inn, and Quinta Real.

In 2022, Camino Real Hotels managed to reduce electricity, water, and gas consumption by 7 percent compared to 2019; in addition, electricity consumption was reduced by 13 percent compared to 2019, which meant a reduction of up to 3,320 tons of CO2 into the environment, that is, the equivalent of 276,000 trees planted in one year.


Camino Real Hotels generated six process manuals to align the actions of the hotels with the reduction of the carbon footprint and water footprint. The company is so committed to caring for the environment that more than 3,500 employees have been trained in environmental issues, the efficient use of energy, and new processes focused on caring for the environment.

Reflecting Commitment to Sustainability The 'Green Key' certification is not merely a feather in the cap for Camino Real but is indicative of its enduring commitment to a sustainable approach within the industry. An embodiment of this commitment is the hotel's CEO, Leandro Trejo, who expressed immense pride in receiving the esteemed certification. Trejo emphasized that the award mirrors the hotel’s conscious efforts to embed sustainability in every facet of its operations.